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While MANAWAVE can be customized thoroughly, there are a couple things that may be deal-breakers.

No frameworks

MANAWAVE is NOT associated with any web framework (React, Vue, Svelte, etc.) nor is there an API for it. This is because MANAWAVE is part challenge to create something that should work out-of-box for any HTML & CSS website.

It’s something I’m thinking about for a future major version though.

— Ryuuart

No de-initialization nor destruction

MANAWAVE is not destructable. It stays in memory the moment it’s initialized.

Does not keep track its position

When a resize or relayout occurs, MANAWAVE does not keep track of its current “position” or where items should be synced to. It instead, layouts everything again, fresh.

Not fully behaving like native HTML & CSS

As much as MANAWAVE should be invisible and behave just like any other HTML element that’s styled, it doesn’t escape the limitations of DOM manipulations with CSS. To keep things simple and performant, some things have to be given up, luckily with workarounds.

Margin collapsing between items does not happen

Margin collapsing between items do not happen. Blocks do not span the width of its parent container. It’s because how items are measured. There’s a workaround, however.

Not all styles on the marquee work

While most should, it hasn’t been tested which ones don’t. As long as it doesn’t change the layout or content too much, it should work out ok.

Flex and grid doesn’t work

That’s based on the behavior of the marquee itself. After all, flex and grid lay their children out and MANAWAVE has its own method of laying stuff out. It won’t be compatible with flex and grid. There’s a workaround for what you may be trying to do.

Padding doesn’t behave as expected

MANAWAVE does not apply padding traditionally; it allocates extra space, but does not inset or “pad” the content with spacing. This is to maintain better performance, which MANAWAVE does by avoiding reflows. MANAWAVE uses a ResizeObserver internally to sync size changes and updates. “Listening” to changes in padding would mean reading these values and applying them in the system. This is reflow-prone, which makes it a risky choice.

From my testing, reflows are the number 1 performance slog for MANAWAVE. I try my hardest to avoid them.

— Ryuuart