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Getting Started

Installing MANAWAVE

You can install MANAWAVE by a CDN <script> tag or with any npm utility.

# you can use `yarn` or `pnpm` too if you want
npm install manawave

Basic Usage

You can get a basic marquee with just MANAWAVE’s web component: <manawave-marquee>. There are more ways to initialize MANAWAVE.

  <div class="text-manawave">web</div>

Basic Customization

You can configure these marquees by supplying different attributes. For web components, there are three: autoplay, speed, and direction. There are a limited set of allowed values for these attributes, but they enable the basic configurable and omnidirectional elements of MANAWAVE.

Next Steps

While MANAWAVE’s basic features should be sufficient for most basic use cases, you can configure it more deeply. To see what’s possible, you should look into the Realms.

A good place to start understanding MANAWAVE is by looking through the guides. You can start by learning how to more deeply initialize marquees or configure an existing marquee.

It may also be a good idea to see what MANAWAVE won’t be able to do for you.